Mom and Baby Yoga

Nourish your soul, rebuild your strength, release your stress, reconnect with yourself. Your baby can share your mat or lie beside you as we engage in our Philly Magazine-featured yoga class designed specifically to address the needs of your postpartum body & being. This class includes facilitated discussion, and then moves into 85 minutes of yoga. We have made this class extra long so you can feed and soothe your baby as needed, but still get in your yoga. Read More >>

Yoga Babies provides a lovely way to take care of yourself while being a new mom and connecting with other moms! If you’re worried about your baby fussing, know that you’re not alone. Every baby has vocal days and all babies are welcome to express themselves in whatever way is needed. Begin Yoga babies after your postpartum check up and continue until your baby is actively crawling. Bring a receiving blanket, diaper bags, and release form with you (download available at the bottom of the page). We will prorate if you are returning to work, just had your postpartum checkup, or if your baby is on the cusp of crawling.

(You may join in any time at a prorated cost. Missed dates can be credited to the following session of Yoga Babies.)